Unverified Online Sellers should be avoided

Written by Ressie S.Fos
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Selling and buying online is now becoming common among the OFWs in Qatar. In fact, there have been many Facebook groups created offering or allowing online marketing and buying. There is no wrong with this, for as long as sellers and buyers are both verified to be real persons and are transacting in good faith.

IT and Systems Management Committee of the UFOQ Council warns all OFWs in Qatar to be extra precautious in dealing with online sellers especially with those whose identity is unverified. In most cases, these unverified online sellers are:

  1. Not presently residing in Qatar.
  2. Will post attractive products however lack of complete details especially about the seller. Instead, he/she will just note, “those who are interested please PM me.” Once you send a PM inquiry to him/her, then that’s the start of your entrapment to his fraudulent intent.
  3. The items offered for sale are tagged with lower and eye-catching prices.
  4. Facebook account profile photo in most cases are not real identity, in variations of handsome guy, beautiful and sexy lady, or just an image of a product. Notice also that his/her Facebook activities right in his/her timeline is minimal, and friends are too few (could be dummies only).

So we warn everyone to be extra careful in dealing with these unverified sellers. Many of our OFWs have been entrapped to this already, though they remain silent and just charge that scam to experience, for in fact, if you are victimized by let’s say even as high as 10,000 QR scammer, I doubt if you will go to the police station to report this case.

So….better be wise and careful in dealing with those unverified sellers.